“Spills Happen” Training

Do you have spill kits on site? Are you looking for staff training?

“Spills Happen” Training by BerCar offers a spill kit training delivered on site by a certified qualified trainer.

  • Increase spill control awareness
  • Improve spill response practices
  • Add to your company environmental policy
  • 1 1/2 hours course and demonstration tailored to your requirements
  • Certificate issued for each attendee

Course Content

The training course provides an understanding of the environmental concerns that relevant authorities have towards damage caused by spills. During the course participants are encouraged to reflect on how they will respond to a spill incident with the knowledge that they should not rely on others during such an event.  Discussion and information is provided concerning the different types of absorbents that are available on the market.

The course includes segments on the techniques and equipment to control, contain and clean up spills. A “hands on” demonstration is used to illustrate important aspects of the various types of absorbents and other clean up products available. The important issues such as bio-remediation, disposal and incident reporting are covered in the course.

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