Plant Safety & PPE

Our line of personal protective equipment includes everything from personal safety equipment to personal protective gear and head protection.


Mezzo Eye Wash Dispenser #NPL121

Sold as: 1 dispenser Portable Eye Wash Dispensers provide instant washouts. Product Details Product Description Mezzo Eye Wash Dispenser is an economical, “no-frills” dispenser Compartmentalised

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Best NEO GRAB™ Gloves #BES0012

Sold as: 1 pair Get a grip with NEO GRAB™ Gloves! Product Details Product Description Multi-dipped in premium-grade Neoprene— superior durability, abrasion and cut resistance,

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TourGuard® III Safety Glasses #AEA003

Sold as: 1 each TourGuard® III Safety Eyewear — the comfortable and economical choice! Product Details Product Description Tough Duralite polycarbonate construction — absorbs 99.9%

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Best Butyl II Gloves #BES0018

Sold as: 1 pair Choose Best® Butyl II Gloves for highly corrosive acids, ketones and esters. Product Details Product Description This synthetic rubber has the

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Tychem® C Standard Coverall #KAP0034

Sold as: 1 each Affordable, disposible Type 3 protection for many concentrated inorganic chemicals. Product Details Product Description Provides a combination of chemical and biological

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Tychem® F Standard Coverall #KAP0033

Sold as: 1 each Light-weight Type 3 protection against a wide range of organic and inorganic chemicals and biological hazards. Product Details Product Description Light-weight

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Diamond Plate Mat #FLML110

Sold as: 1 each Maximise comfort and durability with Diamond Plate anti-fatigue mat. Product Details Product Description Tough 4mm Koroseal vinyl checkerplate surface bonded to

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PIG® Leak Diverter for Roofs #TLS552

Sold as: 1 each Water, oil or other liquids dripping from your roof or ceiling? Stay dry — and keep your floors safe. Product Details

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PIG® Leak Diverter Quick-Deploy Kit #TLS461

To inquire about current pricing, please contact us at 061 310259 or Sold as: 1 each This quick-deploying Leak Diverter is as easy to

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PIG® Leak Diverter for Pipes #TLS248

Sold as: 1 each Protect equipment and personnel — divert leaks from overhead pipes. Product Details Product Description Hangs from pipes to divert leaks to

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