Prevent the spread of oil spills and carefully store drums and containers with our oil containment products.


PIG® Collapse-a-tainer® Containment System #PAK593

Sold as: 1 each Create drive-through containment in seconds with this easy-to-carry System. The portable PIG® Collapse-a-tainer® Containment System keeps you prepared for large leaks

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Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet #CABE106

Sold as: 1 each Safely store containers of flammable liquids in this durable Steel Cabinet. Product Details Product Description This rugged Steel Cabinet is engineered

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32-Drum Storage Unit #NPL205

Sold as: 1 each This Drum Storage Unit has a leak-proof sump to contain big spills! Product Details Product Description Designed to store high-capacity 210-litre

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General Purpose Safety Store #NPL206

Sold as: 1 each Safely store flammables, chemicals and other hazardous materials. Product Details Product Description Relocatable Store can be moved with a suitable forklift

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PIG® Roll Top Hardcover #PAK901

Sold as: 1 each Securely store four drums indoors or out, with pumps and funnels in place. PIG® Roll Top Hardcover catches leaks, drips and

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PIG® Two-IBC Modular Spill Pallet #PAKE130

Sold as: 1 each Expandable Modular unit minimises IBC storage cost and features low deck height for easier loading. Product Details Product Description Cut your

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PIG® Poly IBC Containment Unit #PAK736

Sold as: 1 each Low-profile Containment Unit helps you comply with regulations and store IBC tanks safely. Capture leaks, drips and spills to keep floors

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PIG® Bucket Shelf for Twin Poly IBC Containment Unit #PAKE738

Sold as: 1 each Add this Bucket Shelf to the PIG® Twin Poly IBC Containment Unit to create a contained dispensing station. Shelf’s mini-sump is

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PIG® Poly Modular Spill Deck #PAK531

Sold as: 1 each Our light-duty Modular Spill Decks offer you flexibility and great sump capacity! Product Details Product Description 15cm profile helps you meet

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Steel 4-Drum Storage Unit #NPL200

Sold as: 1 each Store up to four drums outdoors! Product Details Product Description Designed specifically for outdoor storage For use with 210-litre drums —

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