Spill Kits & Control

Ensure fast spill response by having the proper spill kits on-hand at all times. These mobile kits are perfect for quick, on-the-go spill control.


Mercury Spill Cleanup & Decontamination Kit #KITL500

Sold as: 1 per box Portable Kit contains everything you need to safely clean up mercury spills. Product Details Product Description Can be used to

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KIT204 01

PIG® Extra-Large Response Cart #KIT204-01

Sold as: 1 each Use Extra-Large Response Kits for fast response to big spills! Product Details Product Description Organised for quick and easy response Seamless

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PIG® Low Profile Absorbent Station #KITL452

Sold as: 1 each Mobile, low-profile PIG® Oil-Only absorbent station stores necessary absorbents with easy access to all contents and allows simple storage under workbenches.

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KIT244 999

PIG® Spill Caddy #KIT244-999

Sold as: 1 each The mobile PIG® Spill Caddy for fast spill response or daily leak maintenance. Product Details Product Description High-visibility yellow container is

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PIG® Mobile Container Kit #KITE401

Sold as: 1 each Fast, effective response to indoor and outdoor oil but not water spills. Product Details Product Description Absorbs oil but not water

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PIG® Small Wall-Mount Spill Kit #KIT315

Sold as: 1 each Small wall-mounted Spill Kit for labs and other areas prone to smaller spills. Product Details Product Description See-through front panel —

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PIG® Tanker ADR Spill Kit #KITE225

Sold as: 1 each This Spill Kit is designed to fit onto your vehicles and trailers used for transporting liquids. Provides peace of mind for

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PIG® Spill Response Bag #KIT320

Sold as: 1 each Use this grab-bag kit for rapid response to hazardous spills. Product Details Product Description Contains PIG® Haz-Mat Absorbents for acids, caustics

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PIG® Counter Top Spill Kit #KITE281

Sold as: 1 each Versatile, compact Kit is ideal for small spills and dispenses PIG® Mat from a dispenser slot. Product Details Product Description This

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PIG® Spill Bag #KITE251

To inquire about current pricing, please contact us at 061 310259 or sales@bercar.com. Sold as: 1 each High-visibility, compact Spill Bag travels anywhere you do

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