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PIG® Water Hog #SKM408

Price: €23.00 Sold as: 1 each Water Hog removes water from fuel and oil tanks. Product Details Product Description Water Hog absorbs water that collects

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PIG® Poly Drum Funnel #DRM452

Price:€35.00 Sold as: 1 each Fill your drums the dripless, splashless way! Product Details Product Description Fits 210 litre closed-head and 115 litre closed-head or

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PIG® Form-A-Funnel® Flexible Draining Tool #TLS703

Price: €25.00 Sold as: 1 each Divert oil around engine parts & right into your drain pan for guaranteed no-mess oil changes! The PIG® Form-A-Funnel®

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PIG® Leak Diverter Quick-Deploy Kit #TLS461

Price: €164.00 Sold as: 1 each This quick-deploying Leak Diverter is as easy to open as your umbrella! Product Details Product Description Easy to set

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PIG® Burpless® Poly Drum Funnel #DRM680

Price: €53.00 Sold as: 1 each This economical “burpless” Funnel eliminates splashback! Product Details Product Description Allows you to pour liquids into a drum without

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PIG® Spill Bag #KITE251

Price: €35.00 Sold as: 1 each High-visibility, compact Spill Bag travels anywhere you do for spill response on the go. Product Details Product Description PIG®

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