Looking for spill control and spill response products including absorbents, spill containment, drain barriers, spill kits and personal protective equipment to help keep your workplace clean and safe? Do you need wipers, plant safety items, material handling equipment or janitorial supplies? You’re at the right place! BerCar offers a wide range of industrial cleaning and safety products to enhance workplace cleanliness and safety. We rigorously field-test our products to ensure the best available quality. Choose with complete confidence.

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    Stop leaks & spills from getting out of control. Choose from top quality absorbent mats, socks, booms, pillows, pans and loose absorbents - 100% guaranteed.

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    Spill Kits & Control

    Ensure fast spill response by having the proper spill kits on-hand at all times. These mobile kits are perfect for quick, on-the-go spill control.

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    Prevent the spread of oil spills and carefully store drums and containers with our oil containment products.

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    Material Handling

    BerCar offers a wide variety of containers and drums to help promote a safer and more organised workplace environment.

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    Plant Safety & PPE

    Our line of personal protective equipment includes everything from personal safety equipment to personal protective gear and head protection.

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    Special Offers

    View our range of Special Offer products. You can order these online and we'll call you to arrange payment and delivery.

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