Tychem® C Standard Coverall #KAP0034


Sold as: 1 each

Affordable, disposible Type 3 protection for many concentrated inorganic chemicals.

Product Details

Product Description

  • Provides a combination of chemical and biological protection in a comfortable suit; complies with EU Standards
  • Light-weight limited-use suit offers excellent protection against many concentrated inorganic chemicals; garments undergo permeation and mechanical properties testing by independent institutes
  • Designed to provide comfortable fit, ease of movement and protection in most working environments; coverall features hood with elastic face opening for tight fit around respirator, stitched and overtaped seams, double self-adhesive zipper flap, double-cuff system elastic cuffs, and elastic ankles and waist
  • Easily disposable halogen-compound-free suit; when contaminated, suit must be disposed off as contaminated waste
  • Flash-spun, heat-bonded, high-density polyethylene suit with barrier is 100% particle tight and resists liquid splashes and pressure up to 2 bar
  • Antistatic properties; interior of garment is treated to help meet EN1149-1 requirements
  • New thumbloop design offers a new level of protection for overhead work when extreme arm movements are required; prevents the sleeve from riding up
  • Available with socks attached to the ankles for an increased level of protection for wearing inside safety boots or shoes– call for details
  • For use in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries, hazardous material disposal or anyone exposed to inorganic chemical hazards
  • Birght yellow colour is highly visible

Warnings & Restrictions

There are no known warnings and restrictions for this product.


Color: Yellow

Sold as: 1 each

Weight: 1.8 kg

Composition: Flash-Spun, Heat-Bonded, High-Density Polyethylene w/ Barrier & Polymer Coating

Technical Documents

Product Data Sheet (PDS)




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