PIG® Two-IBC Modular Spill Pallet #PAKE130


Sold as: 1 each

Expandable Modular unit minimises IBC storage cost and features low deck height for easier loading.

Product Details

Product Description

Cut your costs for storing multiple IBC units in compliance with regulations; a PIG® Multi-IBC Modular Spill Pallet provides capacity more economically than individual storage units. Flow-through connections let individual components share sump capacity to help you meet storage regulations. The connectable design also allows an easy-loading 22cm deck height.

  • Includes two 284L pallet sections and three 246L Expansion Tanks; connected unit provides 1,306L of total capacity to help you meet secondary containment requirements for two 1,000L IBC units
  • Increase sump capacity by connecting on an individual pallet section or Expansion Tank
  • Includes four pairs of 3.2cm diameter, flow-through Bulkhead Fittings that let you easily connect components; additional Fittings sold separately
  • Includes specially-designed Tool Kit for connecting components
  • Each Tank features a hatch lid for easy access to collected liquid
  • Each heavy-duty pallet section supports 4,082kg UDL and measures 159cm square—accommodates all 1,000L IBC units
  • Each pallet section features 4-way forklift pockets for easy moving, plus anti-slip grates that lift out for easy access to sump
  • Pallet sections and tanks are 100% polyethylene to resist corrosion and most chemicals, including acids, solvents and oils

Warnings & Restrictions

If using this product with flammable liquids, please consider the regulations that apply to storage and handling of flammable liquids and the safety of this application, specifically flammable vapours, static discharge and heat sources. For further assistance, please call Technical Services. Assembly Required


Recycled Content: 35% Post-Industrial Recycled Polyethylene

Load Capacity UDL: 8164 kg

Sump Capacity: 1306 L

Dimensions (Grate): 132cm L x 132cm W

Sold as: 1 each

Weight: 241.5 kg

New Pig Patent: 5,562,047 and other foreign patents

Composition: Polyethylene

Dimensions (Lid): 46cm Dia.


  • 2 – 159cm L x 159cm W x 22cm H Pallet
  • 3 – 155cm L x 79cm W x 32cm H Expansion Tank
  • 1 – Tool Kit
  • 4 – Bulkhead Fittings (2/pack)

Technical Documents

Product Data Sheet (PDS)


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