Sold as: 2 per box

7.6cm SPILLBLOCKER® Dike is designed in an easier-to-handle size with built-in connectors — divert spills anywhere without extra parts!

Product Details

Product Description

  • 7.6cm high — confines and diverts deeper pools of liquid; ideal for managing large flows of liquid
  • Easier-to-handle design — made in two 152cm sections; can be used separately or as a 304cm Dike
  • Built-in dovetail connectors — no need for extra parts to connect two Dike sections; creates a liquid-proof seal when properly connected
  • Made of flexible, non-absorbent polyurethane
  • Two-part construction — durable top layer and a tacky bottom
  • Resists oil, water and many chemicals
  • Choose high-visibility yellow or grime-hiding black
  • Corners (PLR268, sold separately) create 90 degree angles on PLR267 — available in black only

Warnings & Restrictions

Due to the nature of softer urethane, the physical properties of these products may change over time with exposure to certain environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and UV radiation. Typical life expectancy is 5 years. Please inspect the stored product regularly to ensure it is in a usable state. For more details and for chemical compatibility, please call Technical Services.


Dimensions: 1.52m L x 9cm W x 7.6cm H

Sold as: 2 per box

Weight: 11.34 kg

# per Pallet: 60

Composition: 100% polyurethane

Technical Documents

Product Data Sheet




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