PIG® BUILD-A-BERM® Barrier #PLR264


Sold as: 1 per box

Create a custom-sized, crush-resistant permanent Berm to confine leaks and spills.

Product Details

Product Description

Permanently contain leaks and spills around your machinery without building expensive cement curbs or cutting and installing angle iron.

  • BUILD-A-BERM® Barriers can be constructed into a semi-permanent, high-visibility barrier that’s exactly the size and shape you need
  • Made of pliable closed-cell foam, so the Barrier springs back into shape after you walk on it or roll over it with wheeled equipment; won’t impede foot or vehicle traffic
  • Durable all-vinyl covering resists oils, coolants and most chemicals
  • Section ends overlap and can also be sealed to create greater lengths of a liquid-tight barrier
  • Installation is easy; cut Berm material to desired length with scissors or a utility knife, cover connections with extra vinyl material then add Corners (PLR265) to completely enclose an area
  • Berm must be secured to floor with Sealant (sold separately)
  • NOTE: Not intended for use with heavy equipment or forklifts

Warnings & Restrictions

There are no known warnings and restrictions for this product.


Color: Yellow

Dimensions: 457cm L x 14cm W x 5cm H

Sold as: 1 per box

Weight: 2.7 kg

New Pig Patent: 5,820,297

# per Pallet: 20

Composition: 610g/m2 Vinyl-Coated Fabric w/ a Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam Insert

Adhesive Application: Scuff’ Underside of Berm Prior to Application

Notice: Driving Over w/ Heavy equipment or forklifts is not Recommended

Temperature (Minimum Application): 41°F (5°C)

Temperature (Recommended Service When Cured):

Technical Documents

Product Data Sheet


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