Sold as: 1 each

If you’re facing a spill of oils, coolants, acids, caustics or flammables, you can rely on PIG® GRIP-DRI to clean it up. These quick-acting granules are non-flammable, chemically inert and won’t release retained liquids, even in heavy traffic!

Product Details

Product Description

  • Fast-acting universal absorbent is chemically inert, making it compatible with almost any liquid; instantly soaks up oils, coolants, solvents, water, acids and caustics
  • Remains granular, even when saturated, to provide excellent retention; stands up to heavy traffic without releasing liquids
  • Fire-retardant product is ideal for use with low-flash point solvents and other flammables, and in high-temperature applications
  • Micro-granular formulation absorbs 25% more liquid than regular moler absorbents
  • Dust-free and easy to sweep away; won’t leave behind an oily sheen or residue, so it helps you create cleaner, safer floors
  • Non-toxic mineral product is safe to handle and use without any risk

Warnings & Restrictions

There are no known warnings and restrictions for this product.


Color: Pink/Brown granules

Absorbency: Up to 19.8 L

Volume: 30-litre

Sold as: 1 each

Weight: 15 kg

# per Pallet: 70

Composition: Danish Moler

Technical Documents

Product Data Sheet




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