PIG® Absorb-&-Lock® Oil Absorbent #PLP500


Sold as: 4 per case

Quickly turn oily leaks and spills into a solid mass, so they’ll never leach back into the environment. Light-weight Absorb-&-Lock® Oil Absorbent captures oily liquids and permanently “locks” them inside for environmentally safe disposal.

Product Details

Product Description

  • Permanently solidifies to “lock” in absorbed hydrocarbon based liquids; liquids won’t leak back out or revert to a liquid state when handled or placed under pressure
  • Locking in the oil-based liquid helps reduce odours normally associated with hydrocarbon spills
  • Environmentally friendly product absorbs oils and oil-based liquids, including fuels, solvents and paints whilst not absorbing any water
  • Forms a solid mass without expanding for easier, less expensive recovery and cleanup
  • Product typically absorbs five times its weight; you’ll use less material and cut your disposal costs
  • Non-toxic product is safe to handle and use
  • Shaker bottle makes it easy to apply the Absorbent directly onto the spill area
  • Non abrasive product will not damage floors and is safe to use around machinery
  • High Btu value produces less than 0.1% ash content when burned; ideal for fuels blending and incineration

Warnings & Restrictions

There are no known warnings and restrictions for this product.


Color: White

Fluids Absorbed: Oil-only

Absorbency: Up to 30.3 L per case

Sold as: 4 per case

Weight: 5 kg

# per Pallet: 48


  • Proprietary Blend of Oil Absorbent Co-Polymers

Technical Documents

Product Data Sheet




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